TAKE OFF Foaming Baseboard Stripper

Foaming Baseboard Stripper

Brand: Sunbelt

Category: Floor Care Products

Product Specifications:
Can Size:  20 oz. Aerosol                                                                          
Net Weight:  17 oz.                        
Color:  Pale Beige, Opaque Suspension
Odor:   Sweet Butyl
pH:  11.5
Propellant:  Hydrocarbon
Spray Pattern:  Misty solid cone
Flammability:  Non-Flammable

Areas of Use:
* Offices
* Institutions
* Bathrooms
* Nursing Homes
* Contract Cleaners
* Halls

* Removes wax, soils and oxidized polymers
* Inverted valve provides fingertip control
* Cleans hard-to-reach areas
* Clings to vertical surfaces
Penetrates and emulsifies