CLEAN SWEEP Dust Mop Treatment

Dust Mop Treatment

Brand: Sunbelt

Category: Floor Care Products

Product Specifications:
Container size: 20 oz.
Net Weight: 14 oz.
Color: Clear, oil liquid
Odor: Lemon
pH: N/A
Propellant: Hydrocarbon
Spray Pattern: Misty, solid cone
Flammability: Extremely Flammable

Areas of Use:
Spray on dust mop or cloth to control dust from scattering while
you are cleaning:
* Floors                      
* Wood                      
* Concrete
* Auto Interiors          
* Venetian Blinds    
* Plastics
* Composition Floors
* Formica                  
* Vinyl Tile
* Linoleum Floors    
* Window Frames    
* Furniture

* Available in a 20 oz. Can
* Easy-to-use
* Pleasant Lemon Fragrance
* Works on Furniture and Floors
* Spray on Dust Mop or Dust Cloth
* Attracts and Holds Dust Like a Magnet
* Prevents Germ-Filled Dust from Scattering

Hold dispenser upright 6 to 8 inches from mop cloth.  Spray a light mist directly on mop or cloth.  Allow treatment to penetrate then dust or mop as usual, reapplying when needed.  For best results, treat dust mops overnight.  Shake out lint and clean mop or cloth in washing machine when finished.  Repeat after washing.