S.S.D. Safety Solvent Degreaser


Brand: Sunbelt

Category: Industrial

For institutional, commercial and industrial uses.  This heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser works on all types of applications. Its high-pressure spray loosens dirt, grease and soil.  Just spray and wipe clean. This easy to use product eliminates the need of shutting down motors, and is easier and more convenient to use, than liquid degreasers.

Product Specifications:
Container size: 20 oz.
Net Weight: 20 oz.
Color: Clear
Odor: Chlorinated
pH: N/A
Propellant: Carbon Dioxide
Spray Pattern: Jet Stream
Flammability: Flammability

Areas of Use:
Use on heavy-duty equipment. May be used on ink and printing equipment.  Excellent on oil stains, tar, adhesive crayon marks, lipstick, and fresh paint. Will not short motors, or other electrical equipment.  Electric motors and generators may be cleaned while in use.  Meets Standard Spec. ASTM D4080-96.  
* Fork Lifts                            
* Diesel Engines
* Air Compressors              
* Alternators
* Bearings                            
* Chains
* Electronic Components    
* Gears    
* Do Not Use On Plastics.
* Contains No Ozone Depleting Chemicals.

* Leaves No Residue
* Quick Drying
* High Dielectric
* Non-Flammable
* No Flash Point - No Fire Point

Spray surface thoroughly, using flushing action of spray when possible.  Use scraper, scrub brush, abrasive pad, or other appropriate means when necessary to aid in removing stubborn spots.  Wipe off residual liquid with a clean rag or towel, or allow to drain and air dry.

ATTENTION:  Do not use on, or allow to get on, solvent-sensitive surfaces or materials; always test first by using on scrap material or on small, inconspicuous area.