S 207 Flatware Pre-Soak Concentrate

Flatware Pre-soak concentrate for silverware and utensils.

Brand: Sunbelt

Category: Food Service / Warewash

Product Specifications:
Container size: 1gal, 5gals, 55gals 
Color:Clear Red
pH: 8.5
Specific Gravity: 1.026
Flash Point: None

Areas of Use:
All kitchen/sink areas of any type of facility.

* Economical to Use
* Effective
* Rinses

Use 2 oz of concentrate w/each gallon of hot water.  Allow Silver to soak 5 minutes before final washing in dish machine.  For best results: pre-soak silver as soon as it comes into the kitchen.  Stack silver on end for passing through the dishwasher to permit better cleaning and rinsing.