"Step 3" Chlorine Final rinse

Step 3 Chlorine Final Rinse

Brand: Sunbelt

Category: Food Service / Warewash

Product Specifications:
Container size: 5gals, 55gals 
Color:Clear Orange
pH: 11.5
Specific Gravity: 1.020
Flash Point: None 

DIRECTIONS: IMPORTANT: For all Food Contact Surfaces & Objects
Remove food particles by flushing, scraping and, when necessary, soaking.  Wash thoroughly with a good detergent or compatible cleaner and rinse with potable water before application of Step 3 Final Rinse solution.   Wet all surfaces thoroughly with solution by immersion flooding or spraying.  Contact time must be at least two minutes.  Drain solution and air dry.  Do not wash with potable water.  DO NOT re-use solution.  Prepare a fresh solution daily.  STRONG OXIDIZING AGENT.