Nickel Safe Ice Machine Cleaner

Brand: Sunbelt

Category: Industrial / Construction

Product Specifications:
Container size:  20/8 oz bottles, 12/32 oz quarts, 1gal, 5gals, 55gals 
Color: Clear Blue 
Odor: Pleasant
pH: N/A
Specific gravity:1.185 
Flash point: None to Boil

* Free Rinsing
* Low Foam
* Removes lime-scale depsoits from commercial ice machines
* Doesn't harm nickel parts and surfaces
* U.S.D.A. Approved

Disconnect  power source, turn off water supply and empty ice from bin. remove all detachable parts that may be encrusted with lime scale. Dilute 3 ounces of Nickel Safe Ice Machine Cleaner per gallon of warm water and place removed parts in solution. Soft brush may be useful. Use the same dilution to clean the entire machine, inside and out. Rinse all parts and cleaned surface with fresh water then reassemble.