Multi-Purpose Solvent/Degreaser (D'limonene)

Brand: Sunbelt

Category: Industrial / Construction

Product Specifications:
Container size: quarts, 1gal, 5gals, 55gals 
Color: Clear Amber Liquid 
Odor: Citrus
pH: N/A 
Specific gravity: 0.810
Flash point: 115F

Areas of Use:
* Carpets
* Rugs
* Upholstery
* Concrete, and any hard, unsealed surfaces

* Non-flammable
* Easy to use
* Free from chlorinated solvents
* Pleasantly scented
* Quick and efficient
* Removes mastic, adhesives, glue, tar, grease and other like materials

Scrape off deposits. Apply SL-9122 cold and work in lightly with a soft brush or sponge-don’t scrub.  Then towel off with a Turkish towel.